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I am Ani, a licensed massage therapist, nutritionist

And a certified lifestyle educator. I enthusiastically educate my patients regarding nutrition, healthy eating, lifestyle choices, and supplementation.
My initial steps were in 1995, when I started my journey in massage field with chiropractors and other healthcare professionals.
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Imagine being pain free and doing what you love to do

Last Stop 4 Pain, has been the go-to pain relief specialist in Tarzana for over two decades. 

Bringing together techniques and diagnostic tools from the fields of medical massage, functional nutrition, physical therapy and genomics (to name a few), we can identify the root cause of your pain, design a personalized treatment protocol and offer you pain relief rapidly and affordably--without the need for surgery or medications.  

We understand how frustrating it is to try so many things and nothing seems to give sustainable, lasting results. Allow us to help you eliminate that pain.

 Call us today and take the first step to living pain free: 818.345.0600

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What Our Clients Say

I had pain in my jaw and was having TMJ problems for quite some time and couldn’t open my mouth wide because it got locked and much cracking also clenching teeth often
I saw Ani and in one session she helped me getting rid of the problem. No more clenching, cracking or locked jaw. It also help with tinnitus that diminished seriously to the point I don’t notice it anymore
5 stars for her. If you have any pain go see her.
I am a practitioner and I send my clients to her with great results for them. Couldn’t be happier for her services!

Patricia D.


Omg so I found this place because of Yelp I had horrible back pain and kept trying to hope for it to go away and it’d be a week so I decided to search for a massage place and stumbled upon this gem. Ani is so knowledgable and literally knew EXACTLY where my pain was even on the front of my body it was crazy she could feel and knew exactly where the problems were. She did some awesome techniques and bam pain was immediately gone in the areas it was insane to me! She gave me an amazing massage too probably the best one I ever had. No one else does it the way I like it sucks. She was worth EVERY penny!!! If you have any pain come here she will get it out! Thank you so so so much Ani!!!!! I will
Deff be back!!

Brittany R.

West Hollywood, CA

Ani does magic. I saw her today with a neck pain that has been getting worse and worse for nine months now and within minutes the pain was gone. I literally said:”Oh, My God, this is magic”. What she does is not traditional massage therapy, she has many years of training and experience that elevates her above the rest. I now just wish that I had other pains so I could go back to her to get fixed.

Monica H.


I was surprised when results of my fitness saliva test recommended I increase my intake of carbohydrates before exercise.  However, after 10 days of increasing my carbs I noticed major changes.  I had an increase in my appetite, water consumption and even my muscle mass.  My recovery time after exercise has decreased. This test can give insight to even a professional bodybuilder and I recommend this test to anyone seeking to improve their fitness.

Moji Oluwa

Mr. Universe 2016

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