tooth_organ_relationshipThe health of your teeth involves more than just keeping your smile looking its best. It also entails the need to ensure that your overall health is kept intact. In fact, sometimes unhealthy teeth can be sign of a chronic illness. This could also be a predictor of a far more serious condition that might develop after a while. The fact that is each tooth has a connection to different organs in your body. That’s because your teeth are linked to your gums, which in turn are linked to your blood stream. This can influence your blood if it is not treated right. In fact, improper dental care can result in your teeth being less likely to resist bacteria and other concerns, thus making it easier for your body to develop problems relating to infections. This is a risk that can harm your body and keep it from staying as healthy as it is supposed to be.

The Meridian Tooth Chart was developed as a means of showing how individual teeth are linked to specific organs. According to the Center for Natural Dentistry, the Meridian Tooth Chart is influenced by traditional Chinese medicine and shows details on the many ways how different teeth may be linked to specific organs. This comes particularly from not only the way how the teeth can link to your blood but also from how they can facilitate the natural flow of energy in your body.

For instance, your second molars on the top right part of your jaw can link to your adrenal gland, stomach and pancreas. Meanwhile, the central incisor at the top part of your mouth near the center will link to several parts around the lower end of the body including the kidney, bladder, prostate, uterus and anus.

Each tooth has its own issues but sometimes the teeth in general can develop bacteria that can cause worse health problems depending on what you are going through. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Delta Dental, people with modern gum disease from poor tooth care tend to be more likely to have heart disease than those with healthy teeth. This often makes it easier for people to suffer from heart attacks. This is all according to the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Of course, you have to make sure that you get exams on occasion and avoid risky behaviors that can harm your teeth. Still, it is best to talk with a dentist to see how your teeth might influence your specific conditions and to see if treatments can actually result in improved results involving your condition after a while. Sometimes simple treatments are the key to giving you a healthy body.

In summary, you must use the right standards for keeping your teeth healthy if you are to keep your body healthy in general. Be sure to have your teeth regularly examined and to see how your body feels. You have to treat yourself carefully to ensure that you do not suffer from problems relating to how your body feels.

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