Is internet your main source of health information?

The Internet has had a huge impact on how people find health information. Before the internet, people relied on their doctor for health advice and recommendations. Nowadays, many people use the internet as their first step in learning about a health issue or medical condition. The internet makes it easy to connect with other people who have similar medical problems and share their experience getting the same treatments as well as what they found successful.

Why finding accurate health information is important when you’re in need?

accurate health information

When you’re in need of health information, it can be difficult to find accurate and up-to-date sources. There are many online sources for medical information but not all are reliable or updated. It is important to find a reliable source because if the website is outdated, the information won’t be accurate and could lead to further complication.

Top Websites for Getting Accurate Medical InformationThe internet is a goldmine for medical information. There are websites that provide inaccurate information, and then there are websites that provide top notch medical information in plain English. A lot of people search the internet for medical information. Google, in particular, is often a go-to place to look for the latest in health news. But what if Google provides you with false information? Here are some tips to make sure you get accurate medical information online:“Start at Web resources dedicated to providing only peer-reviewed medical information,” says library science expert Sean Eads. and are two excellent resources where the articles are researched and written by professionals.” Eads recommends avoiding websites like Wikipedia or Yahoo! Answers where anyone can provide unverified information. Other options for information include where articles can only be composed and edited by qualified medical professionals. For a more academic viewpoint of conditions, Eads suggests, which compiles medical journal articles, clinical trials, and other health magazines into its searchable database. One bonus site for women’s health advice.

Trust the Professionals

Internet sources should not be used in place of health-care professionals, but rather as a supplemental tool to enable you to be a better advocate for yourself. Gather the knowledge you need to be informed and ask intelligent questions, but remember that consulting a website is not a substitute for a visit to a health-care professional. We all know that doctors don’t have ample amount of time to ask you or answer to your questions; so asking specific questions and giving them detailed information can make a huge difference in being properly diagnosed & treated.

3 Ways to Make Sure the Health Information is Accurate

Online medical information is more accessible than ever before. This means that we can learn about a new diagnosis, read research and explore treatment options with just a few clicks. However, the internet is ridden with incorrect, contradictory or unreliable information on every topic imaginable – and in healthcare, it’s no different.

Getting medical information on the Internet websites might be easy, but relying on it can be dangerous-rumors, misunderstandings, biased opinions, and outright lies await. Here are some tips for using the Internet effectively as part of your health care.

  1. Apply multiple checks with online information
  2. Is the information supported by facts and is there an original source link?
  3. Is the information profit driven or are you being asked to put your information before you can access the files?
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One advantage that the Internet does have is its ability to foster connections between people living with similar conditions. A September 2010 Pew Internet survey shows that 1 in 5 Internet users have sought out someone with the same medical condition they had. Building an online community can allow people to share experiences, and provide support across long distances and in situations where a condition is less common.

For example, check out Kathy has created this community for people living with Lichen Sclerosus. You can connect with women that are living with this condition, whether you just got diagnosed and need more information and support or been living with it for years and can share your experience with others.

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Find a Balance: Recognizing both the benefits and shortcomings of these websites is necessary to utilizing them most effectively. Don’t sit on the sidelines; be proactive in your health!

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