6 Ways to Reduce Emotional Stress and Increase Mental Clarity

Physical pain can affect your life in a number of ways–many of which you might not have initially expected. Difficulty with mental clarity and concentration is one of the most common examples of this. The physical and emotional effects of chronic pain can be very acute — but, when managed properly, they can be overcome. Here are a few important tips for reducing the emotional stress and distractions that tend to occur alongside chronic pain:

1. Engage in Active Relaxation.

Physical pain can lead to quite a bit of emotional distress–which is why making a conscious effort to relax is so important. From going in for a massage to simply watching a good movie, there are many ways of engaging in active relaxation: the important thing is simply finding a method that works for you.

2. Stay Hydrated.

Over 70% of the brain is composed of water–which is one reason why proper hydration is so crucial to concentration and emotional well-being. Staying hydrated can also improve your health in indirect ways, such as decreasing appetite and cravings for junk food. So keeping a bottle of mineral water on hand, and making a deliberate effort to rehydrate after exercise, are no-brainers!

3. Exercise Regularly.

Speaking of exercise, it is important to remember that the mind and body are interconnected in many ways. And one of the most predictable forms that your brain can affect your body is through stress. Running, weightlifting, flexibility training, and other forms of exercise can help you work off naturally occurring stress while also strengthening your cardiovascular and muscular systems.

4. Get Plenty of Sleep.

Sleep is crucial for a number of important mental functions, ranging from memory to concentration to decision making. Lack of sleep can cause increased anxiety, mood swings, and lethargy. Making sure to get enough sleep — without oversleeping — can make a significant difference in your life.

5. Establish a Routine.

Whether it’s a busy Monday morning or a Saturday at home, there are always bound to be challenges awaiting you every day. This is why having a proper routine can make physical pain and emotional stress more manageable. Meditation is one of our favorite examples of this. Even a few minutes a day can help you to improve your mental focus, reduce physical pain, and begin each day feeling positive and productive.

6. Nutrition.

Just like sleep, eating is another physical process that greatly affects the brain. Consuming the right nutrients in the right amount — at the right time — can do wonders for both your body and your mind. If you are interested in learning more about how nutrition can impact the way you feel, then we encourage you to check out this recent Last Stop 4 Pain article which covers the do’s and don’ts of healthy diets.

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About the author 

Ani Papazyan BS, CN, LMT, LE

As a Pain Resolution Practitioner, I empower individuals to conquer body pain, reclaim their lives, and embrace personalized wellness based on their unique genetic makeup, offering tailored solutions, self-help techniques, and transformative strategies.

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