Pain Relief Specialist

Don’t you deserve to live without pain and do all the activities you love to do?

I am Ani, a licensed massage therapist, nutritionist, and a certified lifestyle educator. I enthusiastically educate my patients regarding nutrition, healthy eating, lifestyle choices, and supplementation. My initial steps were in 1995, when I started my journey in massage field with chiropractors and other healthcare professionals. With the course of time my experience gave me a new milestone by becoming Janet Jackson’s massage therapist during “Velvet Rope” World Tour in 1998-1999. Since that time I have been working with professional and amateur athletes, dancers, and the general population by helping them recover from injuries, surgery, ailments, and the stressors of daily life.

therapeutic massage encino

My personal experiences led me into a direction where I started looking at the body as a whole. Also, seeing the frustration in people who learned to live with pain day in/day out made me determined to start a new journey of Last Stop 4 Pain.

We have created a relaxed, comfortable environment where people can come and get relief from their ailments. We believe in optimizing life; therefore, Last Stop 4 Pain offers pain relief, nutritional consultation & lab testing, stress management, and education.

One of the most powerful, yet intangible, benefits of healthy lifestyle is helping our patients increase awareness of habitual and programmed responses to stressors–physical, mental, and spiritual.

The mission is to enable our patients to live a pain free life, to achieve their health goals using a variety of healing modalities, products, and education. By using this multifaceted approach, our patients can take better control of their health, take charge of their habits, and make informed lifestyle choices.

At Last Stop 4 Pain you can expect a professional, friendly, relaxed environment. We are committed to enhance the health & wellness of our patients and to be an information source for the community. Conveniently located in Tarzana.

Patti Carrillo, Naturopathic Practitioner

I practice Natural Health, which encompasses using lab testing, hair, urine and saliva testing, muscle testing and blood testing.

Based on your results I find that piece of “YOUR MISSING PUZZLE” to make you well again. Isn’t it about time you feel well? It’s time to get over all those aches and pains, medical conditions that doctors don’t have an answer to ~ mystery illnesses!

Together we will find those answers, heal your body and have a life you deserve!!

Are you ready to start? I am!

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P.S: I also offer Micro DermaPen facial using a highest quality Hyaluronic Acid with High Grade Peptides available.
Not only feel your best, but also look your best!