Are You Stretching The Same Old Way?

 A More Effective Way To Stretch

Increased range of motion, relaxation, and self-massage are just some of the reasons you should use a foam roller.

I’m sure foam rollers are not new to you. They’ve been around for a while. If you don’t use it personally, then you’ve seen someone at the gym use one. There are all types of foam rollers – smooth, some that look like a torture device, different sizes, and some that heat up and vibrate. They can range from $20-$200

I came across Rollga foam rollers, and it made so much sense. A roller designed not to put pressure on the spine or a bony structure, but on the correct pressure points. As a massage therapist I’ve been taught never to put pressure on the spine and yet using a foam roller that is all you do, put pressure on your spine. When I mentioned this to people at the gym, their comeback often was “I like how it makes my back crack”.

While doing research I found this article “How To Use A Foam Roller” by AJ. He gives detailed information on how to use it for different parts of your body.

There are several studies of the health benefits of foam rollers, how it’s beneficial for your muscles before and mainly after exercise. If you are interested in reading one of those studies, connect here.

Protect the Spine
Click on the picture

Foam Roller

With Rollga you don’t have to worry about spine compression, click on the picture to learn more.

I personally own this one shown and absolutely love it, much more than the typical foam rollers. It comes with an easy carry strap for added convenience..

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You have probably seen others use foam roller on their IT band or tried it yourself. WELL, you CAN NOT stretch your IT band, nor make your IT band longer. if it is to remain functional.

Here’s a great article by on that subject. 

IT Band Release Tool

Few Foam Rolling Health Benefits According to UCLA Health

Relaxes and soothes aching muscles

May loosen trigger points

May break adhesion’s in muscles

Improves posture & reduces stress

Here are some foam roller exercises to download to help guide you. 

About the author 

Ani Papazyan BS, CN, LMT, LE

As a Pain Resolution Practitioner, I empower individuals to conquer body pain, reclaim their lives, and embrace personalized wellness based on their unique genetic makeup, offering tailored solutions, self-help techniques, and transformative strategies.

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