It is no secret that foot pain can be a real pain in the… well, you know. But did you know that your knee or back pain could be coming from your feet? That’s right – all that walking and running around can take its toll on your feet and eventually may lead to pain Continue Reading

Healthy Feet: how to prevent back and knee pain

It is critical to make sure that you stay well hydrated, as dehydration can lead to many health issues. The movement of H2O is an essential element of the environment and necessary for survival and good health.Today we will explore the importance of water to your overall health.Did you know that water makes up about Continue Reading

How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Introduction:Body pain and thyroid blood work numbers often considered as separate entities, but there is a link between the two.Did you know that your thyroid could be the key to understanding your body’s pain?I wrote an article explaining how cholesterol could contribute to your muscle and joint pain. Read the article This article is the Continue Reading

Thyroid Numbers and Body Pain

Have you ever thought about how your blood test markers could affect your muscles and joints? You may be wondering what one has to do with the other, right?You may be surprised to find just how connected they can be.This is a three article series, and in each of them I’ll be discussing one of Continue Reading

Is Cholesterol Causing Your Body Pain?

If you are experiencing back pain, there are few things you can do at home to relieve the pain and improve your quality of life. Some self-help techniques, preventative measures, and remedies to ease or eliminate back pain are below.But first, let us seeWhat causes lower back painBack pain is a common ailment. It can Continue Reading

Get Relief from Back Pain with These Easy Tips

What are Late Whiplash Syndrome Symptoms? Do you have any of these symptoms? Neck pain Jaw pain Neck and back muscle stiffness Chronic pain And many more When I mention to my clients that they may have neck pain due to a car accident, especially if they were hit from the back, even 10-15 years Continue Reading

Got Late Whiplash Syndrome?