Is New Year the Perfect Time to Reset Your Health Goals? It’s been said that January is a time for new beginnings, a time of optimism and hope. It is a time when we allow ourselves to imagine what we can accomplish and how we can be better than before. We all want to make Continue Reading

Start Your New Year on a Healthy Note

Understanding Magnesium Deficiency and Sugar CravingsWhat is the connection between sugar cravings and magnesium deficiency?Magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical functions in your body. But most of the time you think of magnesium when it comes to muscle cramps, sleep, and constipation, right?For the sake of this article, know that magnesium helps regulate blood Continue Reading

How to Stop Sugar Cravings 🎉

Age is a state of mind Living pain free at any age requires taking consistent small steps every day. It is not an all or nothing approach. It’s common to hear a doctor say “it’s normal at your age.” Is it?… The aging process can be a bit of a burden on the body. We Continue Reading

4 Tips To Living Pain Free at Any Age

Knowing your genetic makeup and being in control of your health is essential. When I was getting my Translational Nutrigenomics certification, I couldn’t wait to get my genetic testing done. Analyzing my genetic test was my final exam. I was so excited to learn about what genetic variants I got passed down to me from Continue Reading

Understand Your Genetic Makeup

“Tech Neck” and other ways your gadgets are causing you pain When was the last time you woke up without reaching for your phone first? When was the last time you truly unplugged even for a day and didn’t check social media, your work emails, or texted your friends, did a complete social detox ? Continue Reading

Do You Have a “Tech Neck”?

Is internet your main source of health information? The Internet has had a huge impact on how people find health information. Before the internet, people relied on their doctor for health advice and recommendations. Nowadays, many people use the internet as their first step in learning about a health issue or medical condition. The internet Continue Reading

4 Health Information Websites