Are we more susceptible to joint pain as we age? Men, there’s something in here for you as well, don’t hurry to leave ” /> My last blog post was about Breast Health Awareness, October is also a Menopause Awareness month. As soon as you hear menopause, right away, you start thinking of a woman Continue Reading

October is a National Breast Health Awareness Month We all have someone in our lives that has been effected with this devastating disease called breast cancer. Breast health begins with awareness and by empowering ourselves with knowledge & actively taking charge of our own health. It’s a lifestyle & daily practices that will allow you Continue Reading

Would you ever think that your thyroid could be the cause of your joint pain? In the US almost 5 out of 100 have hypothyroidism.         Probably you or someone you know was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and currently taking medication or natural remedies.        According to Mayo Clinic your your Continue Reading

What supplements should be on your daily MUST list? Don’t Overload on Supplements How many supplements a day are you taking, 2 3 10? I agree with you: That our soil is depleted That we don’t get daily nutritional recommendations from our food That we are too busy to organize every meal of the day Continue Reading

Lymphatic drainage massage is the simplest & quickest way to improve skin tone & texture, eliminate waste & toxins, improve blood circulation & more. It’s mostly used and suggested by physicians in cases of lymphedema resulting from the removal of lymph nodes as part of breast cancer surgery. Lymph drainage massage sometimes used for people Continue Reading

What is this muscle organ connection? If you’ve been a patient of mine for a while then you have heard me talk about muscle organ connection. It’s not something new, this concept has been around since late eighteen-hundreds. A physician Dr. Head noticed that some of his patients would complain of muscle, joint, and ligament Continue Reading