Have you ever thought about how your blood test markers could affect your muscles and joints? You may be wondering what one has to do with the other, right?You may be surprised to find just how connected they can be.This is a three article series, and in each of them I’ll be discussing one of Continue Reading

Is Cholesterol Causing Your Body Pain?

If you are experiencing back pain, there are few things you can do at home to relieve the pain and improve your quality of life. Some self-help techniques, preventative measures, and remedies to ease or eliminate back pain are below.But first, let us seeWhat causes lower back painBack pain is a common ailment. It can Continue Reading

Get Relief from Back Pain with These Easy Tips

What are Late Whiplash Syndrome Symptoms? Do you have any of these symptoms? Neck pain Jaw pain Neck and back muscle stiffness Chronic pain And many more When I mention to my clients that they may have neck pain due to a car accident, especially if they were hit from the back, even 10-15 years Continue Reading

Got Late Whiplash Syndrome?

The Complete Guide to Neck Pain: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment OptionsFactors that Contribute to Neck PainNeck pain is a serious matter that can have devastating effects on your life. The most commonly known factors that cause neck pain, outside of structural issues such as cervical disc herniation, bulging disc, or stenosis, are stress and poor Continue Reading

Top 5 Causes of Neck Pain

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques in Your Home for Pain ReliefIf you are looking for techniques that can help you feel relaxed and less pain, then progressive muscle relaxation techniques are a great solution. It is a type of self-hypnosis technique that involves tensing and relaxing different muscle groups in your body.The technique has been used Continue Reading

Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Pain

What is Body Pain?Body pain is more than just an annoyance. It can have a significant impact on your mood, your work, and your relationships.The causes of body pain vary from person to person. Some people experience chronic pain due to an underlying medical condition, others experience acute pain due to injuries or trauma.Pain is Continue Reading

Role of Nutrition in Chronic Pain