Is the cause of your joint pain hormonal imbalance?Have you ever gone to the doctor with a complaint about body pain just to hear, “that’s normal for your age”? HOW FRUSTRATING!Why should you have to live with pain or discomfort just because you are aging? For many women in their 40’s and 50’s, who complain Continue Reading

Hormones Out of Whack?

Are you more susceptible to joint pain as you age? Let’s chat about something that might not seem like the most exciting topic at first glance: menopause, andropause, and how hormones and joint pain connected.Yep, those phases of life that bring about changes in hormones and, well, a whole bunch of other stuff.Men, there’s something Continue Reading

Empower Your Joints: Hormones & Joint Pain

Are you feeling like your immune system is putting in overtime? Maybe it’s time to give it a helping hand, and one way to do that is by considering lymphatic drainage therapy. Yep, it’s a thing, and it could be just what your body needs to kick things up a notch.So, what’s this therapy all Continue Reading

Boost Your Well-Being with Lymphatic Drainage

Let me share a personal tale of when a knee mishap had me seeking answers. Stepping into the doctor’s office, I anticipated insights into my discomfort. To my surprise, the initial prescription was painkillers and a knee injection. Skeptically, I proposed a more comprehensive examination before resorting to pharmaceutical solutions.The initial response from the first Continue Reading

5 Med-Free Chronic Pain Solutions

Let’s talk about keeping your heart health – because good health starts with a strong heartbeat Did you know that heart disease accounts for 1 in 7 deaths in the US?Heart health is the leading cause of death in America. Heart disease is a serious condition that can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and other Continue Reading

3 Unusual Heart Health Risks

Is New Year the Perfect Time to Reset Your Health Goals? It’s been said that January is a time for new beginnings, a time of optimism, hope, and starting the year on a healthy note. It is a time when we allow ourselves to imagine what we can accomplish and how we can be better Continue Reading

Start Your New Year on a Healthy Note