One of the best ways to make sure you don’t catch the flu is to boost your immune system naturally

Every year people start panicking about the flu. Of course the media doesn’t help. It seems that every year the flu strain becomes stronger and stronger, new strains develop. This year is the coronavirus on top of the flu virus.

Yes, there is a reason for concern, it can be serious especially for people with already compromised immune system. 

” Health is not valued until sickness comes “

                                       ~ Thomas Fuller

It’s easier and cheaper to maintain your health then to heal a condition. Your immune system is designed to protect you from outside and inside threats. Yet, sometimes a bacterium or a virus may overpower your immune system, the outcome being a cold, flu, etc.

I know, sometimes it seems so much easier just to reach  for a medication to stop the flu symptoms. Instead you can be proactive in keeping your immune system strong by taking daily action.

Here are few simple steps you can take in strengthening your immune system, keeping yourself and your family healthy year around.

  • Stay hydrated and get enough sleep: ​​​​this are 2 excellent first steps ​​​​
  • Consume immune strengthening foods: fatty fish, ginger, garlic, turmeric, citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, yogurt, green tea. Here are 12 immune boosting recipes.
  • Take immune boosting supplements: Fish oil, Vit D, Probiotics, Herbal compounds, etc. Below are some suggestions that I personally use, some on daily basis and some when needed. 
  • Keep your home germ free:  You don’t always have control of things such the outdoor air quality, but you can certainly do something about your home air quality. One way is to get an expensive air purifier, or you can use colloidal silver in the cool mist vaporizer, humidifier. This study article states that ionic silver is helpful against coronavirus.  If you have asthma then you are not a stranger to a nebulizer. The area where you put your asthma medicine, put a small amount of 10ppm colloidal silver and inhale for about 5 minutes a day, DON’T mix with your medicine.
  • DO NOT USE essential oil diffuser, those heat up the water and will heat up the colloidal silver making it very toxic. 

Don’t overuse colloidal silver. If you are using a nebulizer then do about 5 minutes a few days a week. If you are using it in a cool mist vaporizer then put small amount of water then add 1/3 or 1/2 a cup of colloidal silver few times a week.

Some other possible health benefits of colloidal silver:

  • Kills Pathogens— Silver kills pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viruses), thus preventing them from colonizing the body at levels the body can’t handle.
  • Boosts Immunity— Silver boosts immunity, particularly triggering the body’s production of infection-fighting white blood cells and oxygen-carrying red blood cells.
  • Anti-inflammatory— Colloidal silver is mildly anti-inflammatory, it may be used to help with inflammatory conditions such as sinus allergies and asthma.
  • Burns, bug bites, skin outbreaks

Other uses for colloidal silver:

  • Once in a while use about a teaspoon of colloidal silver in your mouth, swish for 20-30 seconds, then swallow
  • Put couple of drops of colloidal silver on your toothbrush and brush your gums
  • You may use it as a disinfectant around the house, great for travel. 
  • As with everything else that is good for you, do not overuse it.


Colostrum-IgG Immune Support

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