Could This be The Source of Your Pain?

Finding the source of your pain is our ultimate goal!

“Every problem has its solution; the problem is where to find it” 

~Noel Claraso

One of the reasons I got into functional nutrition, and now nutrigenetics/nutrigenomics is because sometimes the root cause of your pain, would it be muscle or joint pain, is NOT from the muscle or the joint. Sometimes you have to take a broader look to find the root cause. 

This mainly has to do with chronic pain.  

When you’ve had pain for some time, and you’ve tried several manual therapies, from physical therapy,  to chiropractic, to massage, and acupuncture, without any lasting results then we have to look at your digestion, stress, your environment, etc. Finding the root cause of your pain and treating for lasting results, instead of just putting a bandage on your symptoms becomes priority. 

As patients you want your pain to be gone yesterday, and I honestly can understand that. Sometimes you have to be patient, I remember a patient of mine few years back came to me with both shoulders frozen, she couldn’t lift her arms up more then a foot from the sides of her body.  It took us few months, and now she’s 100% and back doing her martial art.

You have to be patient, in some cases I may ask to look at your blood test results or suggest saliva or genetic testing done, in the hopes that with your help I can figure out the root cause. And once we do figure out where your pain is stemming from, then we can create a plan to get you out of pain.

I know that you want your pain to be gone yesterday, I want that for you as well.

Having a little patients helps, and following through with the suggestions is a MUST. 

So, if you’ve been living with pain for a while and have tried several manual therapies without success, then maybe it’s time to look deeper and see where is that pain coming from.

Because I hate to see you come in terms with that living with pain is your new norm.

source of your pain

Few things to pay attention: 

  • Your digestion:

a) Transit time, this means from the moment you ate that food and the moment you eliminate that same food, how long did it take? Best way to figure this out is to eat beets, write down the time you ate them, then notice when it comes out, the elapsed time = your transit time. Why beets, because it’s easy to spot the color when you wipe ?

b) Incorporate insoluble fiber into your diet. Helps promote bowel movement and prevent constipation. Example: root vegetables, celery, cucumber, beans, couscous. In my office I see quiet often patient with low back pain and it’s do to constipation. Once I do a visceral massage, they feel better.

Could This be The Source of Your Pain? 1Could This be The Source of Your Pain? 2

c) Do you get bloated or gassy after eating certain food? Pay attention, if you need to, do an elimination test. Eliminate questionable foods from your diet, after couple of weeks add 1 food every 3-4 days and see if you get any negative reaction.

  • Your diaphragm, make sure to do deep belly breathing. Most of the time we don’t even pay attention to our breathing, and don’t even realize that we are taking short shallow breaths. That is one of the reasons for neck muscle tightness.
  • Take multi strain probiotic for couple of months to increase your gut ecology
Could This be The Source of Your Pain? 3
  • Inflammation – this is a big one. So many people are living with low-grade systemic inflammation and they don’t even know it. Most of the time your blood test will show if you have low-grade inflammation, especially looking at your WBC (white blood cells) and differentials (neutrophils, lymphocytes, etc.).

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About the author 

Ani Papazyan

Ani is a pain relief specialist and an educator. She utilizes advanced pain relief manual therapy techniques, functional nutrition, genetics, and education to help people overcome pain and do what they love.

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