Your daily musts for staying pain free

You are probably thinking “great one more thing I have to do.”

These will take you less than 15 minutes, and you can alternate them daily or pick only your favorite ones to practice. Choose from the following for the best results:

1. Global Release – This is a 21 second video demonstrating an amazing technique that will help to calm down your sympathetic nervous system, your body’s fight-or-flight system. This is best to do at night, before bed, or when you feel a stress coming on. 

Video    Password is Global1 and it expires on January 27th

Do Daily To Stay Pain Free 12.  I often suggest my patients use an inversion table, which can be very effective. Some of the benefits of using inversion table are included here:

          • Lessening of muscle pain
          • Improved circulation
          • Reduced stress
          • Improved flexibility

The issues with an inversion table are that it takes up space, could range from $200- $1000, and some may get dizzy when going upside down.

Then I found this #ad Sit & Decompress    

This is an inversion table alternative that only requires three minutes a day for spinal decompression. Providing the same benefits for under $100, this requires minimum space and does not require you to be inverted. Check it out   

3. Hip Circles Video

A simple exercise to get you going in the morning. 

4. Low Back Pain Exercise                                                   

SI Joint

This exercise is great to do first thing in the morning and/or before bed.

It helps your SI joints in the lower back. As the song goes: “the knee bone connected to a hip bone”, well the SI joints connect your hips to your spine. They provide support and stability to your lower back.

Video  Password is Backpain and it expires on January 27th


5. Diaphragm Release

Back pain release

Your diaphragm is the section in the blue. As you can see, it attaches to many structures. Releasing the diaphragm will also help release those structures. If you’ve been a patient of mine, you know how much I address the importance of diaphragm release.

Video Password is Breathe and it expires on January 27th


6. Massage Therapy For Pain

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6. Pain relief products you might like


I’m putting a 15% off discount on all the products offered by the above company until January 30th. If you are taking supplements on a regular basis then you may want to stock up.

About the author 

Ani Papazyan

Ani is a pain relief specialist and an educator. She utilizes advanced pain relief manual therapy techniques, functional nutrition, genetics, and education to help people overcome pain and do what they love.

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