Feeling Stressed, Exhausted, Depressed?

Our organic essential oil blend provides instant readiness, sets in motion/action, and allows you to focus and be available.

Royal Purple: altearah

Collect your vital energy and recharge your batteries

– Prerequisite for any energy care for a lasting effect
– Sense of bodily security
– Brings a feeling of warmth and energy in the depths of the body
– Helps restore the flexibility of joints
– Repairs the effects of stress

Preferred areas of application:
Soles of the feet, adrenal glands and sacrum.

Recommended use:
Recover your energy from exhaustion, fatigue, improve your mood;
repair the consequences of stress, rediscover the desire to be constructive.

Spray into hands 4-5 times a day for a rapid effect.

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About the author 

Ani Papazyan

Ani is a pain relief specialist and an educator. She utilizes advanced pain relief manual therapy techniques, functional nutrition, genetics, and education to help people overcome pain and do what they love.

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