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Little Known Ways to Live In Vibrant Health

Leave the fear of the unknown behind with personalized health recommendations based on your DNA. Get inside knowledge about your unique genetic makeup and learn how your body reacts to your environment. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You have trouble losing weight despite consuming healthy food and working out?
  • You can't control your sweet tooth so you continue to sabotage your healthy intentions? 
  • You feel like you are doomed to live with chronic pain so you continue to live your less than perfect life?

What if it didn't have to feel that way?

Imagine having the power to hack your biochemistry and gain inside knowledge about how your body functions and how it reacts to your environment. Think about the life changing benefits of understanding what lifestyle changes you should be making in diet, exercise, and supplementation based on your genetic makeup to optimize results so you can achieve your health goals and live a happy, healthy and pain free life with ease and peace of mind.

Benefit 1

Clarity into Who You Are.

Knowing your genetic variations can help us better understand how your body responds to the world around you, to certain foods you eat, certain activities you do, and more.

Benefit 2

A Focus on Root Causes. 

Gain clarity into how your body uniquely functions. We create a focused approach, based on science, to optimize your healthcare. For example, if your genes tell us that your cells have a hard time getting rid of toxins, then we can examine food and lifestyle choices to support the introduction of toxins into your body.

Benefit 3

Genetic Testing is Personalized Healthcare

Personalized healthcare expedites your health transformation. Access the power of 21st century technology to take your health to the next level without the struggle and losing time practicing the trial and error method. Gain peace of mind and walk alongside a practitioner committed to guiding your optimized and customized healthcare journey.

They Say


CEO Structured Success Inc.

" The genetic testing seems like it could save a lot of time and pain going in the wrong direction with your health."


CEO Training Solutions

" The genetic testing is amazing it is so easy and I'm learning so much I have to keep going back over it because there is so much content, but I am so grateful to Ani for introducing me to this and learning more about myself and how my body works"

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Your Results

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Ultimate Health Package



The impact your lifestyle has on your body based on your genetic make up.

  • Test kit
  • Report analysis, 1hr zoom session
  • Video recording of the analysis
  • Summary of action steps
  • Unlimited email access to Ani




One on one deep dive into your health goals and track your progress.

  • Test kit
  • Report analysis, 1hr zoom session
  • Video recording of the analysis
  • Summary of action steps
  • Unlimited email access to Ani
  • 2 additional sixty minute zoom sessions

International Genetics Package



Coming Soon

  • Test kit
  • Report analysis, 1hr zoom session
  • Video recording of the analysis
  • Summary of action steps
  • Unlimited email access to Ani

The Ultimate Outcome

  • Feeling energetic, in control of one’s health
  • Incorporating new health habits as part of your lifestyle
  • Building support and friendships with others who are in a similar situation
Aren't my genes set in stone? If I can't change anything, why get tested?

It's often assumed that we can't change our genes — so why even try? The truth is that while we can't change our DNA code, our gene expression is a bit of a different story. Our genes express themselves in different ways, and not only affect how we interact with the world around us, the world around us affects how our genes express themselves. That means that lifestyle and food choices we make can actually influence how our genes work. Our genes aren't set in stone, and there's a lot we can do to help them impact our health.

Isn't genetic testing just used to determine my ancestry?

Genetic testing has gained a lot of popularity in the past decade through ancestry companies who can test your DNA and track your family's history. But genetic testing can be used for a lot more than seeing where you came from, and can be used a lot more proactively as well. Genetic testing can tell you how your body functions, right down to the cellular level, and can help you understand how your body processes nutrients, how it metabolizes caffeine, how well it handles inflammation, and much more. It can help you look forward to a healthy future as well as backwards to your ancestors.

Can my genetic test be shared? What if my employer finds out about my results?

It's a common concern to worry about whose hands your genetic test will fall into, and if it'll be used for malicious purposes. But HIPAA laws prevent practitioners from sharing information about a patient's genetic test, and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, or GINA, protects individuals from being discriminated against for what's in that test. That means that your employer can't make hiring or firing decisions, nor can your health insurance company restrict coverage, based on a genetic test.

Is the science even advanced enough around genetic testing to make it applicable?

Our knowledge of all areas of science is always evolving. The study of genetics has certainly come a long way since DNA was first studied in the 1950s. Like any other science, our knowledge around genes, their expression, and how they impact health and functionality increases each day. And like with any other science, we practice with what we have, and expand our practice as our knowledge expands. We would never hold back the ability to help a patient just because someone thinks the science "isn't there yet"!

Isn't genetic testing only really looking at one or two genes?

While there may be some genes that are more popular or given more attention than others, genes can't be looked at in isolation. What matters is how genes work together to create an overall picture of a person's health and wellness. We like to say that knowing a person’s genes is like having a blueprint to how their system works. Just as you would never try to build a house with the plans for just one wall or floor, you wouldn't just look at one or two genes in isolation.

Isn't genetic testing just for genetic testing's sake? Will I be able to use any of that information practically?

Like the question above, a genetic test's results don't just stand alone. They can be used to make patient care much more personalized, can help determine better foods to eat, can influence better lifestyle choices, can lead to more targeted screening and testing, can point the way towards the best supplements, and more. Genetic testing isn't something to take in isolation, but can be incorporated into the portfolio of healthcare approaches.