Genetic test kit & analysis

Genetic Test Kit and Analysis

Take control of your health with personalized health recommendations based on your DNA. Get inside knowledge about your genetic makeup.

Genetic Test kit and analysis

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  • Pathway based report
    We are not looking into individual genes, instead we look at  the pathways, combination of genes in those pathways, and how they may impact your health. It's a starting point towards a happy, healthy & a pain free life.
  • Trust factor
    The genes presented in the report have scientific validity and clinical utility. Meaning, there's an extensive scientific research and clinically with lifestyle changes we can impact on how they present themselves. Some people may be concerned about their privacy when it comes to genetic testing. Have you heard of Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act?
  • Done only once
    Genetic testing you have to do only once to learn what genes were passed down to you from your parents. It is not like a blood test, which is a snapshot of what is going on in your body for the moment.
  • Still want more info about genetic testing?
    You may like this blog post I wrote where I share my AHA moments when I got my own report.

To move forward do this...


Order Your Test

Klick on the link below to order your cheek swab test kit. The price includes your test and the analysis.


Complete Your Test

Follow the instructions to collect your sample and ship it back in the enclosed FedEx bag .


Your Results

It takes 3-5 weeks to get your report. Once it's ready we will set up a zoom session to go over your test results.

At The End You Will Get

You will walk away with a clear understanding of what lifestyle changes you should be making in diet, exercise, maybe supplementation based on your genetic makeup to help you achieve your health goals and live a happy, healthy and pain free life.

3x4 report

31 page beautiful digital report

Sample Report


Recorded zoom session you can refer back to anytime you like.


A summary of all the suggestions and an action plan

Ready to find out?

Use Coupon Code: SUMMER50 and save $50 from July 18 - August 19