Helping Clients Stay Compliant

Simple, easy home stretches and exercises to speed up recovery!

How many times have you heard your clients answer "I tried" to your question "Did you do your home exercises?"

I believe that by making things simpler for your clients may just get rid of that "I tried."  

With These Easy To Follow Exercise Videos Your clients will be more compliant with their home assignments,  and most importantly they will do them properly.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

6 simple, easy to use home exercises & stretches

At the end you, as a practitioner, will achieve better results when your client actually does their homework.

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About The Instructor

Ani Papazyan BS, CN, LMT, LE

I am Ani, a licensed massage therapist, functional nutritionist, and a certified lifestyle educator. I enthusiastically educate my patients regarding pain relief, nutrition, healthy eating, lifestyle choices, and supplementation. My initial steps were in 1995, when I started my journey in massage field with chiropractors and other healthcare professionals. With the course of time my experience gave me a new milestone by becoming Janet Jackson’s massage therapist during “Velvet Rope” World Tour in 1998-1999. Since that time I have been working with professional and amateur athletes, dancers, and the general population by helping them recover from injuries, surgery, ailments, and the stressors of daily life. Currently I own and operate Last Stop 4 Pain center in Los Angeles. Besides doing educational seminars in my office, I'm a master trainer in PRRT, Primal Reflex Release Technique Seminars and a Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner.

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