Detox Mud Packing Treatments

It is no secret that our environment has become increasingly toxic. Over 20,000 new chemicals per year have entered our environment in the past three decades. Sadly, as a result, as many as 1 person in 2 in the United States suffers some form of mild or serious chronic illness.

mud pack detox tarzanaThese toxic chemicals in our environment have been scientifically linked to an increased risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and many other debilitating diseases. This is because these toxins accumulate in our body and block key pathways to and from organs and glands.

Detoxifying our bodies from this enormous chemical toxicity can lead to improved immune function, and significantly improved health. Mud packing offers a simple yet elegant way to keep our bodies detoxified.

Mud Packing Treatments Remove Toxins

If you’re suffering with any type of illness – particularly chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and cancer – it may be that chemical toxicity is contributing to your condition. Mud Packing can rapidly detoxify your body from years of exposure to heavy metals from metallic dental work (fillings), pesticides, gasoline fumes, plastics, dry cleaning chemicals, paint & carpet “off-gassing” and much more.

We offer a state of the art detoxifying mud packing process called Medi-Body Packs™, which detoxifies your body from the outside, externally pulling out toxins. After a Medi-Body Pack™ treatment, you will be absolutely amazed at how much better you feel.

How Mud Packing Treatments Work

Medi-Body Packs™ therapeutic mud body packs are made from highly detoxifying, grade 10 clay moor mud containing special herbs & botanical ingredients. We simply apply the therapeutic mud on the outside of the body – in a soothing and relaxing session.

The mud is first applied to key “download” (detoxifying) sites of the body – and then applied to the troublesome or problematic area(s) of your body. It is a simple and comfortable process without any potential complications. This highly effective approach has helped hundreds of patients quickly detoxify and immediately begin to see and feel health benefits.

Generally, toxic synthetic chemicals are positively charged. Therefore, the natural detoxifiers in the Medi-Body Pack™ use highly negatively charged ingredients. When the wetted mixture of the Medi-Body Pack™ is applied to the body’s skin, “osmosis” gently and rapidly pulls the positively charged ions of the chemical toxins to the negatively charged ions of the natural clays – drawing them out of the body. Our trained therapeutic massage therapist will massage the mixture into the target problem area, and then simply wash off the detoxifying mud mixture.

Research on Mud Packing Treatments

Over 840 worldwide clinical research studies are available on Mud Packing, which confirm how extraordinarily effective, rapid and safe this treatment is for detoxification. Accumulated toxins are known to delay or even prevent the body from healing. Studies show that mud packs can quickly eliminate years of bio-accumulated toxins that impair nerve, lymphatic and the body’s energy flow – thereby improving the body’s ability to heal and be healthy.

Our Detox Mud Packing Treatments Can Improve Your Health!

We have used Medi-Body Packs™ with many clients, and have seen firsthand how removing the toxins can restore the flow of their nerve, lymphatic and energy systems — as well as increase the uptake of vital nutrients, especially those needed in deficient organs and glands.

If you are suffering from a chronic condition or illness – or you are simply feeling “sluggish”, fatigued, lacking in energy or “not your best” – call Last Stop 4 Pain to set up a Mud Packing appointment today. You will be amazed at the results!