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Pain Relief Medical Massage

Pain Relief You Deserve

Don’t let living with pain be your new norm. Let us help you to be pain free so you can do all the activities that you love.

If you suffer from pain and have been forced to live with it then you understand how pain affects every aspect of your life. It can affect  your mood, family, work environment, vacation, fun activities, and the list go on.

Medical massage may be the solution to your pain!

There is hope

5 Reasons Why You Still Have Back Pain       

  1. Haven’t been properly diagnosed
  2. Therapist is following your symptoms instead of detecting the root cause
  3. Being treated for a wrong condition
  4. Sessions are too long & far apart
  5. Not using the right techniques

Are you tired and frustrated from having this annoying back/neck pain, going from one practitioner to another without any lasting results?  Last Stop 4 Pain is you last stop.

With over 20+ years experience we have helped thousands of clients to eliminate pain. “This is amazing” “wow” “I can’t believe it” are daily responses from our patients.

Book your complimentary 15 min phone consultation today and start your pain free life.

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Allow us to help you be pain free and do all the activities you love to do.


What grateful clients say:

“I am so grateful to have met Ani! I have sent my dad, husband, children, in-law’s etc. there for all kinds of pain; Headaches, backache, stiff neck, etc. They always feel much better. One thing they’ve told me is that it is obvious that she knows what she’s doing. She genuinely cares and results are almost always immediate.”

Elisa V.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ani, for the past year! She was referred to help with a lower back, disk-herniation condition. Not only is Ani a brilliant practitioner, but her desire as a healer to be fully curative and restorative, leads her to performing research and product testing (on her own time) for her clients!

Her education, training and experience make her a profound find for anyone seeking a new and healthy life. I have personally found her work to be transformative and I offer her the highest recommendation. 5 stars plus!

Jeffrey L. Ph.D.


Ani (Last Stop 4 Pain) knows her business. I have been seeing her for nearly 15 years and during that time she has continued to address and fix my body aches & pain. As an athlete, personal trainer, mother, and also having a series of injuries due to accidents, my body may experience back, neck, shoulder or foot pain. She addresses my issues and fixes the problem so I can continue living my life pain free. I can say without a doubt, she has improved the quality of my life. Ani is truly a genuine gem and stands by her word and commitment to healing people. I recommend her to everyone and feel blessed to have her in my life. Ani, Thank you for being exceptional in your field!!!

Jackie T.


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