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pain relief specialist Pain Relief Specialist. Nutritionist. Lifestyle Educator.

Don’t you deserve to live without pain and do all the activities you love to do?

I can’t stand watching someone in pain, especially when they think it’s their new norm. You should NEVER come to terms that it’s OK to be in pain, that there’s nothing can be done.

I’m Ani, a licensed massage therapist, nutritionist, certified lifestyle educator and because of my passion to help people get out of pain that I started my business, Last Stop 4 Pain.

With over two decades of specialized training in advanced pain relief techniques such as Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT), European Medical Massage, Trigenics, and Low Level Light Therapy (LLT), allows me to help my patients. I love to educate them about pain relief, nutrition, healthy eating, lifestyle choices and supplementation so they can make informed decisions. 

My journey in the field of medical massage can be traced back to 1995, when I started working with chiropractors and various healthcare professionals. From 1998-1999, I was chosen to be Janet Jackson’s massage therapist for the duration of the “Velvet Rope” World Tour. Since then I’ve been working with people from all walks of life, including professional athletes and dancers, helping them recover from injuries, surgery, ailments and body aches from the stress of daily life.

Even after 24 years I still get excited when I see a patient walk into my office with pain and discomfort and leave with a smile. The feeling, that I made a difference in that person’s life is priceless.


Our mission is to enable our patients to live a pain free life, to achieve their health goals using a variety of healing modalities, products, and education. By using this multifaceted approach, our patients can take better control of their health, take charge of their habits, and make informed lifestyle choices.



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