Get relief from chronic pain and finally start living your life again!

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Is living with pain becoming your new norm? Chronic pain isn’t just physical, it affects every aspect of your life: your mood, family, work, daily routine, vacation, and the list goes on. We understand that you are tired and frustrated from having this annoying pain, having to go through different treatments and not getting lasting results. 

You deserve to live pain free!

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

Haruki Murakami

You don’t have to live with pain. There is hope

Here are few reasons why you still have pain even though you’ve seen several practitioners

Lack of proper diagnosis

Sessions are too long and too far apart

Not approaching the body as a whole

Addressing the symptoms rather than the root cause

Moving from chronic pain to living pain free is a process

I use multifaceted approach to your pain

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  • Always start off with advanced manual, if in person, or self help, virtual pain relief techniques
  • Address the WHOLE body and not just where the pain is
  • Incorporate daily practices that address inflammation, aggravation, giving the body opportunity to heal itself
  • Blood, saliva, and/or genetic testing may be  required to find out the actual root cause of your pain and give you personalized treatment plan for optimum success
  • And when appropriate I may suggest supplements to help address the root cause & speed up the healing process
  • Here are a few helpful resources for you