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Enhance Your Fitness

We try our best to keep our bodies in shape through exercise and proper nutrition. But how can you really tell if the steps you are following is suited for your body?

We can help you take your fitness journey further with Enhance Your Fitness.

Our goal here is to take a look at your physical wellness, lifestyle and needs, and give you advice on how to improve what you are currently doing.

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA)


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  • Sets the baseline of body composition and integrity of the cells
  • Useful for tracking progress
  • Example: when you lose 5 lbs, this test will tell us if that 5lb is lost from fat, water or muscle. Are you on the right path with the meal plan or exercise program or adjustments need to be made?
  • How to prep for your test and more details here

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 Fitness Saliva Test

It is a well known factor that exercise has many health benefits and it’s a major component of a healthy lifestyle.

Depending on the intensity & duration of your exercise routine it can also put a major stress and physiological demands on different organ  systems: nervous, muscular, cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory systems.

During exercise free salivary cortisol, DHEA and testosterone concentrations fluctuate with the intensity of the exercise. That is why monitoring these hormone levels during fitness sessions is found to be a useful tool for optimizing athletes’ training status and identifying any excessive exercise resulting in overtraining syndrome.

How it’s done:

    • Saliva is collected within 30 mins of exercising to test for DHEA, cortisol and testosterone levels and mailed to the lab
    • Provides accurate, fast and reliable results
    • Interpretations of lab results provided with clear and detailed information.
    • Helps to determine dietary modifications and changes to your exercise routine to achieve maximum results.
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