The holidays are right around the corner and growing up at our house that meant the smell of baking and dishes that are served only once a year.  We waited a whole year for that one special dish and now a few decades later the second I smell it, it takes me back to my childhood and memories of good times and people I love.  How can a simple smell bring back such vivid memories?

It all has to do with your olfactory system.  The sense of smell is the only one of our five senses that triggers both the amygdala and the hippocampus regions of the brain.  These areas are strongly associated with emotion and memory. When these areas are triggered, it also elevates our brain activity in general and can release feel-good hormones in our body.

This is why essential oil products used in aromatherapy are so effective at elevating our mood and giving a sense of general well-being. We absolutely love Altearah Bio 14 color Organic essential oils. They are simple to use and come in a range of colored emotions to fit every need and mood. Make it a ritual several times a day for feelings of immediate and intense well-being.

Here are some of the potential benefits of Aromatherapy:

  • Improve and induce sleep
  • Ease anxiety, depression, pain and headaches
  • Stimulate brain activity to boost cognitive performance
  • Increase energy and circulation
  • Improve mood and digestion
  • Accelerate healing
  • Increased feelings of general well-being
  • Strengthen immunity

I use Altearah oils in my massage sessions on a daily basis and our clients love the smell of it, love how it makes them feel, and they are not for females only.

PS: Stop by our office to sample some of the Altearah oils and maybe even take a sample home with you at NO CHARGE.

About the author 

Ani Papazyan

Ani is a pain relief specialist and an educator. She utilizes advanced pain relief manual therapy techniques, functional nutrition, genetics, and education to help people overcome pain and do what they love.

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