How many of you would think “I have a knee pain, maybe it’s because something I ate”? 

I wanted to write this brief post because of a client. He was complaining that he was feeling bloated, the night before had a food poisoning, and is having pain behind his knees. I did my fancy PRRT techniques that usually takes care of the pain behind the knee. It didn’t work, so naturally I thought “gotta be his stomach” since he already mentioned it. After about 10 min of visceral massage, the pain behind the knee was gone and his stomach felt much better.

Why am I telling you this?

So you can keep in mind that sometimes the cause of your pain is not where the pain is. 

Also, since we are starting a new year I wanted to bring up to your attention that after the holidays it’s a good idea to do a few day cleanse. After all those parties, drinking, eating foods that are high in calories and sugar, maybe it’s time to give your system a little break.  A 7 day  winter cleanse break

If you are in the 40th percentile of people that put eating healthy on their New Year resolution list, then you want to check this out.

Even if it’s not on your list, it’s always a good idea to do a cleanse few times a year. It’s recommended to do with the change of the seasons or at least at Spring and the Fall. If you’ve been thinking about doing a simple cleanse then check out

knee pain

NO, you don’t have to purchase any meals, just simple 7 day plan.

Do you have a favorite cleanse? Let us know about it, I would love to check it out

About the author 

Ani Papazyan

Ani is a pain relief specialist and an educator. She utilizes advanced pain relief manual therapy techniques, functional nutrition, genetics, and education to help people overcome pain and do what they love.

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