What Our Massage Therapy Clients Are Saying

In our twenty years of medical massage therapy experience, we have helped thousands of clients get relief from pain and improve their quality of life through therapeutic massage. Our clients love our clean, quiet, private location in the Encino / Tarzana / Woodland Hills area – and they appreciate the new lease on life that they get from therapeutic massage.

But, don’t just take our word for it . . . read or watch our testimonials and see what our massage therapy clients are saying!

Wrist Pain Massage Therapy

Massage for Back Pain

I have always experienced dull low back aches with my menstrual cycle. Since having kids, I also started feeling pelvic swelling & shooting discomfort down the back of my legs. Other than stretching my legs I couldn’t think of what to do. With Ani, I used clay mud packs on my vaccine lines, hands and feet. The next cycle, I felt amazing – almost no discomfort. Then I packed my hands and feet again, plus my epidurals insert point on my back. My next cycle was completely painless! Truly amazing!

– Paula Russell

Food Allergy Relief

Best Massage Therapist

Loved the massage the best I’ve ever gotten. She was very professional & very good at her job. I will definitely go back again.

– Athena Abrol

Referred Friend for Massage

She knows what she’s doing. Very impressed.

I have already referred couple of friends.

– Tigran Keshishyan

Amazing Therapeutic Massage

I felt amazing when I left. Ani has a wonderful technique and mixes relaxation with therapy, and I will absolutely return!

– Skye Borgman

Ani Papazyan is Great

Ani was great and she knew what she was doing.

– Lida London

Experienced Massage Therapist

It was fantastic. Ani was knowledgeable & experienced.

– Lois Fletcher

Balance Restoring Massage

In less than an hour Ani restored my balance.

– Marcella V.

A Very Therapeutic Massage

Ani was excellent and friendly – a perfect, very therapeutic massage, with additional helpful information!

– David Early

Knowledgable Massage Therapist

I was very impressed with the professionalism and the knowledge of the owner. A great experience!

– Aubrey Richmond

Best Massage Experience

I had the best experience ever! I will definitely visit this place again 🙂

– Donisha White

Excellent Massage for Runners

Ani is amazing, went for a 100 K mile overhaul and came out feeling like a new man. She really knows her stuff and is very patient while explaining what’s wrong and how she’s going to fix it…. and she does!

Ani was amazing and so friendly and I feel so blessed to have found her. I look forward to going back!

– Ron Purizma

Food Allergy Relief

I hadn’t been able to eat spinach for 25 years, after several tests doctors told me that I’m missing an enzyme & that I should stay away from spinach and anything in that family. Ani explained why I may be sensitive to spinach. After a very short ERT (emotional repolarization technique) session with her I can enjoy spinach in any form without any negative symptoms.

– Harriet Cohen

Best Massage I’ve Had

There are massages & there are massages..! This is the real deal; quickly gets to the root of the pain and is both relieving and rehabilitating. The best I’ve ever had; thanks Ani!

– Dave Wakeling

Fitness Test Success

“I was surprised when results of my fitness saliva test recommended I increase my intake of carbohydrates before exercise.  However, after 10 days of increasing my carbs I noticed major changes.  I had an increase in my appetite, water consumption and even my muscle mass.  My recovery time after exercise has decreased. This test can give insight to even a professional bodybuilder and I recommend this test to anyone seeking to improve their fitness.”

 – Moji Oluwa (Mr. Universe 2016)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ani, for the past year! She was referred to help with a lower back, disk-herniation condition. Not only is Ani a brilliant practitioner, but her desire as a healer to be fully curative and restorative, leads her to performing research and product testing (on her own time) for her clients!
Her education, training and experience makes her a profound find for anyone seeking a new and healthy life. I have personally found her work to be transformative and I offer her the highest recommendation. 5 stars plus!
  –  Jeffrey L. Ph.D.

 Ani (Last Stop 4 Pain) knows her business. I have been seeing her for nearly 15 years and during that time she has continued to address and fix my body aches & pain. As an athlete, personal trainer, mother, and also having a  series of injuries due to accidents, my body may experience back, neck, shoulder or foot pain. She addresses my issues and fixes the problem so I can continue living my life pain free. I can say without a doubt, she has improved the quality of my life. Ani is truly a genuine gem and stands by her word and commitment to healing people. I recommend her to everyone and feel blessed to have her in my life. Ani, Thank you for being exceptional in your field!!!

  – Jackie T.