Winter Wellness Tips

teaLove is in the air, and so are cold and flu germs. It seems that everywhere you go in February, you’re bombarded with coughing, sneezing, sniffling people. What can you do to stay healthy? Strong bodies won’t succumb to cold and flu easily. Some simple, basic habits can help keep your body healthy and allow you to snuggle up with your Valentine this weekend, rather than cuddling with your tissue box and vaporizer.

Are you getting enough sleep? Are you drinking plenty of water, staying hydrated? Those are two excellent first steps.  Adding two to three cups of green tea to your daily routine may aid in warding off symptoms of cold and flu as well. Researchers have discovered anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties in green tea.  University of Maryland Medical Center lists green tea’s multitude of benefits, and among them, is the prevention of cold and flu.  A randomized, controlled study in 2011 showed significant difference in incidence of colds between recipients of green tea and those of placebo. ( ) Additional separate studies have proven that drinking warm beverages, such as green tea can help alleviate symptoms of the virus, such as sore throat and congestion.

Maintaining healthy nutritional balance, resting, and staying hydrated can keep you strong throughout the winter. In our office, we recommend Nucleo-Immune support formula combined with a high quality multi-strain probiotic to shorten the duration of cold.

Share this information with those you love this Valentine’s Day. Then cuddle up with a cup of warm tea, someone special, and get a good night’s sleep.

About the author 

Ani Papazyan BS, CN, LMT, LE

As a Pain Resolution Practitioner, I empower individuals to conquer body pain, reclaim their lives, and embrace personalized wellness based on their unique genetic makeup, offering tailored solutions, self-help techniques, and transformative strategies.

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